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Last Month's Winner

Grandaddy Purp Macro - December 2020 Contest Results - First Place

The Dank One Returns – December 2020 Contest Results!

The year 2020 is officially over and our December contest has come to an end. What a wild year it was and, while it definitely wasn’t the best 12 months on record, we’re happy we started our monthly photo contest and definitely plan to continue through 2021…

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Featured Prize: Hemp Fine Art Prints!

Hemp prints for our November 2020 contest winners
  • 1st Place

    First place winners receive 3 free hemp fine art prints plus an assortment of Potography swag.

  • 2nd Place

    Second place winners receive two free hemp fine art prints and an assortment of Potography swag.

  • 3rd Place

    Third place winners receive one free hemp fine art print plus an assortment of Potography swag.

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